The madrilian artist will present his new album in Amsterdam withCarl Cox and Jon Rundell in a special show between Intec and Beatport, which will be streamed through [.....]
Date published 13 / October / 2015


Now You can download for free the ninth edition of VARELA CONCEPT. Last Tuesday was presented exclusively at Siglo 21 Radio 3 and is now in download for only 5 days. "FOG" is [.....]
Date published 30 / September / 2015


From today, Monday September 14th, is on sale "Caramba", second advance of his third studio album, which will be released on October 21th through the label Intec, owned by [.....]
Date published 14 / September / 2015


This is a new tool with which the artist wants to combine his social networks and other digital media on a single channel of direct communication with his fans, who will be [.....]
Date published 09 / September / 2015


The third album from Cristian Varela is ready for launch on 26th October. The Madrid producer has created 16 compositions that will be released through the legendary Intec [.....]
Date published 01 / September / 2015


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