The very important German electronic magazine FAZE MAG, features an interview with Cristian Varela on their front cover this month, an interview that talks about Cristian's [.....]
Date published 08 / February / 2016


The spanish electronic magazine interviewed Cristian in December, a few days before setting off to BPM Festival. In what may be best defined as just a chat between friends, [.....]
Date published 01 / February / 2016


One of the most international Spanish artists and one of the most important events in the worldwide festival circuit. Marking its ninth anniversary, The BPM Festival returns [.....]
Date published 27 / December / 2015


Cristian Varela opened up and talked about his beginnings and his future plans while visiting some of his favorite restaurants in Madrid. He started to love music at the [.....]
Date published 23 / December / 2015


"The five senses are our mechanism for perceiving the world. A precious tune like watching a sunset in a bucolic sejng. Savoring each note as a bite pleasing to [.....]
Date published 22 / December / 2015


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