Dossier Varela Concept


Dossier Varela Concept



Cristian Varela (Madrid, 1975) has nearly twenty years in shining with their own light in the international electronic scene and is considered a true specialist in contemporary symphonic and experimental music. Its multidisciplinary personality, charisma and exceptional creativity have allowed him to occupy a prominent place in the scene. Cristian Varela is DJ, producer, composer, promoter and entrepreneur. A total artist.

One of its defining features is its extensive background as a composer and producer. He composes music for film, theatre, advertising and entertainment since 1986. He has released more than 150 record labels references in class as Sony / BMG, White & Black, Toolroom, Bedrock or Intec; and also runs his own label: Pornographic Recordings.

Cristian Varela has found the perfect balance between the studio and the booth, and is respected internationally as one of the great Spanish ambassadors of techno. His energetic sets have travelled over the world and have influenced the musical tastes of a generation.

Activist of the Madrid scene since the 90s, founded in 1994 his music production company Phrenetic Society, and still continues in his role as promoter. He has launched proposals such Electrobeach Festival (Benidorm), one of the most important festivals in Europe, and Cristian Varela & Friends, the musical project opened in the summer of 2013 for Vista Club Privilege Ibiza room, which has named him the Best Techno DJ at the DJ Awards 2013.

Varela Concept is the musical expression of Cristian Varela as never before heard. One of the Spanish electronic artists most requested by clubs and festivals of Techno music around the world lee parked dance sounds to submerge us into the most incisive and suffering Ambient and IDM. The Madrilenian as electronic composer who invites us to reflect on the environment and our place in the world and the universe across twelve tracks. And in the middle of all, the human action as a catalyst for the changes that happensin our environment.

An emotional radiography through melodies and atmospheres with a sensitivity to bristle the skin. Sometimes beautiful and luminous; and sometimes oppressive and dark. A large display to describe with music the relationship humans have with the planet we live. A look full of different angles without refusing to treat many shadows and fears that we have as a species. Our life style is to live in society and exploit natural resources of rich ecosystems in reckless way.

This album is a wake-­‐up call for us to take consciousness of the urgent need to make a beher world to live in peace with ourselves. In our progress and eternal quest for knowledge and expansion, we have a responsibility to care for and preserve the nature. Varela Concept is an evocative adventure for think about human behavior and respect we owe to our home planet.

Welcome to year zero.

A fresh start through an open window to the future. When the chance to build and create untethered becomes a reality. Your reality. The past was diluted and lost. Tomorrow is now. Walls were demolished to build others with more strength, aplomb and harmony. The dawn of a concept grounded in the beautiful melodic expression. Everything emanates from a synthesizer that expands in one direction: always forward. The trip is not an escape.

It is determination and discovery.

Mother Nature,

essential, wise and maker of life. The evolution of humanity as the dominant species on the planet has been able to break the balance on many occasions. A voice invites us to reflect on the role that we have as guardians of our planet. Tropical rhythms, thick textures and atmospheric sounds to introduce us in a leafy and wild ecosystem.

We can not fix our mistakes but we can avoid future.

The vertigo of infinity.

Not knowing the limits of the outside world and the natural curiosity to get answers to questions never answered. Fear to the void is inversely proportional to the adventurous condition of the spaceman. The cosmos and its secrets are there to be explored.

The keyboards embark us on a galactic journey for imagine what we can find out there and in turn to find us with ourselves.

Terran collapse.

Pollution, deforestation, melting ice caps, species to the brink of extinction. Dominance and submission to the will and human benefit. But nature has a indomitable will and in our negligence goes our punishment.

The Silent Scream preceding the weeping and desolation. The saddest electronic sonata does not forsake find a final glimmer of hope.

Everything flows.

Everything changes. Everything remains in one form or another. Atoms collide. Gases mixed gives other nomenclature. The liquid becomes solid. Genetic mutations that make living things are in constantly evolving. Similarly that a melody connects with another which in turn fits in a delicate rhythm. A constant growth. The music, not as art butas energy.

Life it self.

Complex mechanisms of magma.

A dense heat by iron, nickel, iridium, and osmium. The bowels of an irreplaceable engine with electromagnetic fields that never stop working. subterranean depth to reach the destination described by Jules Verne. The pads are rough and rough in a sound to dig further and to discover that the flame does not go out.

The world continues to spin.

Homo homini lupus.

Man as a being capable of devouring itself as species. History shows that we can unleash the worst horrors against others without feeling remorse. That coldness is what represents a sharp and intense sounds.

Direct to soul how a chill that makes us empathize against injustices and inequalities.

The five senses are our mechanism for perceiving the world.

A precious tune like watching a sunset in a bucolic sejng. Savoring each note as a bite pleasing to the palate.

Textures smell as a delicious cocktail. Melodies excite us and put goose bumps. And all this tasting through the ear brings into play our sensitivity.

The Nothing.

An inhospitable place. Apocalyptic. The hand of man and his greed destroys everything. The green zones changes to yellow.

Arid arpeggio melodies emanating melancholy over a line of angry low as a sandstorm with a dry and dusty pace.

The desert is only for the stronger men. And sometimes that's not enough.

A thick fog that prevents us from seeing what lies beyond. Fear of the unknown. Uncertainty as an enemy that torments.

Analog sound with a tetric touch willing to lead confusion from another dark dimension. Fog wraps moods but never is perennial. Walk forward righteously, safety and caution. Not everything is light.

The Earth is not just a planet.

Has a peculiarity compared to other celestial bodies in the solar system that makes it unique: has life. What if our home is a living organism as a whole capable of regulating giving ideal conditions for the existence of an animal and plant kingdom?

Planet speaks us in this complex, changing and moving track to search in the listener the final musical reflection on man and environment relationship

The human being as rational species has its existential questions with questions that are repeated in an infinite echo in our heads.

Are we the owners of our destiny? Is there a higher entity that controls us like pawns on a chessboard?

We dive on an inner journey with epic pads and transcendental melodies for to become aware of our place in the world.

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